Photograph Price List


We pride ourselves on quality and service. Starting from July of 2015 we do not provide digital images for client printing.

Too often I have seen incredible images taken by talented photographers displayed with poor quality print

through the use of cheap online printer services.

The result is an image that looks dull, with bad colour correction and which looks lifeless.

Beautiful photographic images are about photograhpic skill and quality prints.

We want you and your friends to look at the images we capture and see quality and professionalism that

gives you pride in the photographs of your loved ones.


All our prints are wet ink, on high grade professional paper, individually corrected for density, colour, saturation and contrast

using a fully colour managed workflow system, producing incredibly vibrant and eye catching prints.


Below is the 2015/16 price list for photographic prints.

For metallic and velvet paper please add 25% to the cost.



Size in inches Price
5x4 , 5x5 , 6x4 4.20
5x7, 5x7.5 5.50
8x6, 9x6 6.00
8x8 7.50
10x8, 10x7 7.65
9x9, 10x10 11.10
12x8, A4 12.15
12x10 12.95
11x11, 12x12 13.05
14x11 16.65
15x12, 16x12, A3 20.55
16x16,18x12 21.15
20x16, 24x16 35.25
20x24 48.00
20x30 55.50
24x30 82.50
30x30 91.50
30x40 109.50